Shaltai Editions is a creative platform founded by collector Valeria Rodnyanskaya in 2016. Its mission is to foster the development of limited edition art through the realization of new projects, supplemented by exhibitions and educational programs.

The production of a print or multiple is always the result of collective labor. The artist must work in close collaboration with the printmaker, who wields a mastery over the complicated technologies of printmaking. Both for our team and for the participating artists, the production process is no less important than the outcome. By allowing the artists to cultivate new means of visual expression through the serial form, limited editions open up new channels of communication between artists and their audience.

Acquiring prints and multiples is an excellent way to start one's own collection of contemporary art. Alternately, for those who have already started collecting, limited editions are an excellent way to expand that collection with new and important names. Shaltai Editions uses the techniques of lithography, silkscreen, woodcuts, 3D printing and more, producing artist’s prints and multiples of the highest quality, created with the personal participation of some of the most important Russian contemporary artists across generations. Rather than editioning existing works, Shaltai Editions only produces new creative projects. Each is the result of several months of discussions, study, experiments, and, finally, attempts in the studio. In this sense, the working process is similar to a laboratory experiment: it is always a rich and rewarding experience for the artist. Much time and effort goes into exploring the possibilities of specific techniques to adapt them to fit a certain artistic vision. Considering our society's increased dependancy on technology, prints and multiples just may be the form of creative expression best suited to the character of our times.