Nikita Alexeev is Russian artist, representative of Moscow conceptualism, he was born in 1953. Alexeev was a member of ‘Collective Actions’ art group and a founder of the first apartment-gallery called APTART. He has been publishing samizdat’s from the beginning of 70s. Alexeev participates in solo and group shows in Russia and abroad. His artwork are in collections of Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, MMOMA and museums in the USA and Europe. Currently lives and works in Moscow.

Timelessness characterizes Nikita Alekseev’s ‘Costal Conversations’. In his animation and series of silk prints two houses built in solitary fields near the sea have long verbal exchanges. As if characters from a comic book, they tell us about their daily lives – what they see, how they feel – in which present and past are intermingled in a stream of consciousness.