Boris Groys is a philosopher and a contemporary art theorist. Born in Leningrad in 1947. He was frequently publishing his texts on philosophy and theory of art in samizdats from the mid 70s. He immigrated to Germany in 1981. Boris Groys is currently a Professor of Philosophy, Theory of Art and Media Theory in Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany, Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at New York University. He is an author of numerous articles and books.

‘The Visit’ is a novel by Boris Groys with illustrations by Pavel Peppershtein especially made for this new edition. This story of one sentence told in ten chapters is a verbal exercise proving the power that words have in deconstructing actions, and by extension reality, into segments of meaning. Peppershtein’s drawings are clues towards a better understanding of the elusive figure of Andrey, the main and sole character in a rather uneventful yet intense story that Groys obsessively tells page after page. How close to grasp the essence of Andrey the reader can get is a question difficult to answer. After all, he is a pure product of words.