Pavel Pepperstein is a Russian artist, writer and musician. He was born in 1966 in a family of the Moscow conceptual artist Viktor Pivovarov and the writer Irina Pivovarova. Pepperstein participated in the various large biennials of contemporary art: International Biennale in Sao Paulo (2004), Venice Biennale (2009), Manifesta (2014). In 2014, he became a laureate of the Kandinsky Prize in the main category ‘Project of the Year’ with the ‘Holy Politics’. His works are in the collections of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Louvre (Paris), the Pompidou Center (Paris), Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (Dusseldorf) and others.

Pavel Peppershtein’s series ‘Robert Fludd’s Black Square’, consists of five engravings related to the life and thinking of Robert Fludd’s who in the XVI century published a treatise about the Primordial Darkness that reigned before God created the Universe. An English scholar educated in medicine and chemistry, Fludd was also an experienced alchemist who cultivated a strong interest in the sciences of the occult. The image of the black square had a mystical relevance in his studies and was used to represent the Dark Chaos preceding the creation of all things, animals and humans by the intervention of the Divine Light.