Damir Muratov is doing paintings, graphics, installations, and art objects. Proceeding with the aesthetics of Sots Art, he works with images of advertising, politics, mass and Soviet culture, in his works he often combines image and text. It addresses the topic of modern Siberia, stereotypes associated with it, and seeks to destroy them.

Damir Muratov’s stories is hard to define. One possible answer is to the time of the fairy tale given that they possess a supernatural essence. In his ‘Beware of the Forest’, Muratov tells are stories of an enchanted forest inhabited by trees and animals with magical powers. Of no little importance is the fact that, as drawings, the images his imagination has drawn are meant to be printed on the front of a matchbox. In times where censorship curbs artistic freedom, the confined surface of a matchbox is the field of absolute freedom for an artist, because it is one of the few physical spaces where nonconforming pictures can be allowed in a world dominated by convention.