Art group ‘Where Dogs Run’ was formed in Yekaterinburg in 2000. Artists create kinetic sculptures, objects, installations, videos and actions, addressing both spontaneous bodily experiences, mythological narratives and images of optical and linguistic illusions relying on the technical achievements of utopias. The art group ‘Where Dogs Run’ actively participates in the biennials and exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The story that Where Dogs Run want to tell belongs to the present day. It is the tale of three agents — a woman, a geneticist and the artists themselves — who never met in the course of a complex scientific experiment aimed at making copies of the woman’s DNA for the sake of art. The experiment proved to be successful, not only because the geneticist succeeded in determining the woman’s genome and dividing all the information into chromosomes for the artists to use as texts, but also because it helped to push the boundaries of authenticity when it comes to an original/copy relation today.